Grupo AIA and CaixaBank have recently created a joint-venture called “Knowledge Discovery and Predictions, S.A (KDP)”

Grupo AIA and CaixaBank have recently created a joint-venture called “Knowledge Discovery and Predictions, S.A (KDP)” for the development of big data innovation projects.

KDP joint-venture will rely on a team of highly qualified data scientists specialized in advanced analytics and machine learning whose expertise ranges from Physics to Mathematics and come from international research centers. This team has been working on CaixaBank projects for a long time. Grupo AIA will maintain the technical and scientific management of the projects.

KDP projects will help CaixaBank continue innovating in big data not only in the construction of new analytical models and the application of new methods but also in the development of new approaches for knowledge extraction of large volume of data.

KDP joint-venture entails the consolidation of Grupo AIA and CaixaBank relationship which started over twenty years ago with a set of projects on data analytics mainly focused on fraud prevention. Since 2014, the strategic alliance between the two entities has been strengthened by the development of big data projects.

HEMOLIA Conference and Demonstration Event

In the remarkable Parliament Palace In Bucharest, on February 10-11th 2014, took place the EU FP7-HEMOLIA Conference And Demonstration Project Workshop With End-Users.

The host of the event was The National Office for Prevention and Control of Money Laundering, ONPCSB – the Financial Intelligence Unit of Romania, FIUR. The event was co-organized by PIAP as the  Workshop with End-users. The event,  was  opened by Mr. Neculae PLAIASU, President of The Financial Intelligence Unit of Romania, FIUR.

The HEMOLIA Consortium presented and demonstrated the HEMOLIA project results to FIUs, banks and LEAs community representatives.

26 FIUs were present and debated the impact and possibilities of HEMOLIA in their duties in detection and prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing in their own countries.

FIUR, presented the results and experience in direct testing of the Financial Alert Engine module, developed by Grupo AIA, on their massive incoming data-flows ETRs and CTRs. Concluding that the performance was 10.000 times faster than human expert analysis and prioritizing the work according to FATF/GAFI recommendations in a Risk Based Approach. This removes from the annalist team the repetitive work allowing them to concentrate in the critical cases.

Grupo AIA was represented by founder and CEO Mrs. Regina LLOPIS, Jose M. MORERA and Javier CABALLERO who explained the Artificial Intelligence Engine developed that is the core of HEMOLIA.

Population prevalence and control of cardiovascular risk factors

Alicia Consola, member of the Health Care Unit of Grupo AIA, co-writes the article published in “Atención Primaria” Magazine, analyzing the prevalence, control, and management of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2), by a cross-sectional analysis of all individuals attended in the Catalan primary care centers between 2006 and 2009.


Population prevalence and control of cardiovascular risk factors: What electronic medical records tell us

AIA participates in the Factoring Symposium 2013 organized by EFCOM

Within the AIA-EFCOM Partnership Agreement, AIA participated in EFCOM Annual Factoring Symposium-2013

AIA delegate in Germany, Mr AVELLAN-BORGMEYER, presented the results of test carried with FIM and EF3 on real data from German market to increase the efficiency of the Factoring activities.

FIM allows to automate the Matching process of EF3 from 45% to 90% reducing the average conciliation time and the global associated risk .

Results from reference cases from Spain and Chile were presented as well, evidencing astonishing increases in efficiency of 700%.

Presentation details as well as pictures can be found in:

Closure day of the project ENERGOS

The closure took place on September 26, 2013 at Gas Natural Fenosa’s installations in Madrid, with the purpose of presenting the most relevant results of the project and its closure.

AIA has done studies in diverse areas and has developed several software modules exploring different technologies within the Energos project. The main developments of the participation in Energos are the operation and planning of intelligent networks. Intelligent Observation System technologies are used, and implemented through an event processing engine for high-level findings from low-level information about network performance. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence techniques are used to find the ideal operation mode for every circumstance and to provide the necessary manoeuvres to provide an automatic reset in case of incidents. It has also developed a prototype for micro economic management through multi agent technologies, which allows interaction between storage devices, generators of renewable and non renewable energies, demand management, and so on.

Other areas in which we have worked are: a tool for predictive maintenance, a mobility simulator for electric cars and the use of Nano composites for fault diagnosis in cables.