How we work

Customer relationship model

Grupo AIA is a business project focused company that not only applies. breakthrough technology but, above all, strives hard to understand their customers´ problems to meet their real needs. Aiming at permanent solutions to these challenges, Grupo AIA seeks to extract economic value from companies´ large volume of data so that these companies can provide added value to their stakeholders, get at the forefront of their industries and increase their competitive advantage.

For AIA, it´s essential to incorporate the knowledge of decision-makers of different business areas to AIA´s experience in advanced analytics and Big Data technology. It´s clear that only by working together that more accurate solutions can be achieved.

Selecting project type and approach.

  • Project objectives: clarity and knowledge of project objectives.
  • Information: quality and suitability of available information for the project.
  • Organization: organization´s capacity for project ´s results application and exploitation.
  • Methodology/technology: degree of existence and stability of the methods and technologies for the project´s development and solutions.


The degree of maturity of each one of the factors impacting on the success of a Big Data Project indicates the type of relationship to be approached.


Grupo AIA sets different types of partnership with its customers based on their needs:


Short-term customized projects with immediate business impact. Customers can develop their own work teams based on knowledge gained through projects developed with their own real information.

Projects go through a maturity process of the methodologies and customers information flow management for a better understanding of customers real needs and avoid silo thinking among the Business, IT and Business Intelligence.

This relationship helps validating one or several factors impacting on the project (objective, technology, organization and information) are suitable and avoid uncertainties that may hinder the correct definition of the project.


This management model is suitable for specific projects, metrics and short-term targets. Starts with the creation of stable data scientists work teams who give support to the technical and project management and data engineering teams who help with the models integration into the company´s structure and give transversal support to facilitate data collection and analysis.

Project work and stable teams allow data scientists to gain continuous business knowledge that makes them more proactive and prepared to provide the solutions to meet customers´ needs.

The greater advantage of this team model is that stable teams is cost-saving due to resources optimization and the reduction of individual projects contracts.


The relationship between Grupo AIA and its customers through Joint Ventures is the highest possible degree of business relationship. This is particularly recommended for companies where team creation is complex or not very effective. Joint Venture agreements give AIA the capacity to provide recruiting services, technical management or training to make sure data scientists´ knowledge is adapted to the customers´ specific needs.

The creation of specialized data analytics teams enables to improve in innovation and to specialize personnel recruiting and training in customers area or sector.

This stable, and long lasting relationship has helped AIA to achieve significant progress in diverse sectors such as banking (risk and pricing models, anti-money laundering detection products, cash management or cyber security improvements products),  retail (promotion models, shop/cashier activity models) or energy (waste analysis, consumption forecasting, Smart Grids management).