What we are

Algorithms for a better world

In 1988 Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada, AIA, was created for building algorithms for a better world. Keeping this idea in mind, it began developing innovative solutions to companies to face current challenging problems thanks to the creation of a unique method based on a diversity of thought.

This ability empowers AIA to transfer basic science (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science) to the business world through state-of-the-art technologies for the development of innovative models and solutions to business problems.

The team


The multidisciplinary and diverse team consists of experienced professionals (PhDs, Masters) in Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts, Physics, Math that combines all areas of human knowledge to achieve the best and more complete solutions. This makes Grupo AIA a one of kind company in its sector.

Grupo AIA is deeply committed to its team highest quality training. It knows that only by encouraging the value of knowledge it will be able to provide the best solutions to face current complex challenges. Takes part in collaborative research projects and innovative solutions that are at the forefront for efficient and effective solutions to achieve measurable business benefits.

AIA´s Customers

Grupo AIA´s close relationship with customers is the most effective way to face current challenges. Grupo AIA´s customer-driven philosophy makes it work closely together with decision-makers, CEOs and C-Suites to design strategies and tactics based on Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

During the last 30 years, Grupo AIA has earned customers´ trust by offering these strategic industrial sectors: energy, retail, textile, telecommunication, media, banking and insurance sectors innovative and business value solutions to face the toughest corporate challenges building a special relationship with its customers.

Grupo AIA is also deeply involved in a rigorous quality process management and continuous improvement, having been awarded since 2010 ISO 9001:2008 certification, and more recently 9001:2015 Certificate.

AIA's Group


Grupo AIA started operations in the United States in 2001, with EleQuant, a San Francisco based company created for this purpose and focused mainly on energy products and services supply. After being granted several patents and carrying out significant updating and improvement to its line of products, EleQuant was relaunched in 2016 to provide solutions to the national and regional transmission and distribution operators as well as to organizations involved in Grid network management in North America. EleQuant, Inc. is a subsidiary company of Grupo AIA.

EQ-KIDS (EleQuant Knowledge Innovation Data Science) founded in the U.S. by EleQuant Inc in 2016, holding 49% property, aimed at taking advantage of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence opportunities in the U.S.

Knowledge Areas

Optimization Techniques

Using conventional methods, genetic algorithms, neural networks, algorithms A*, physical models (simulated annealing), Monte Carlo´s method.

Knowledge Modeling 

Development of methods for knowledge modeling and representation


Neural networks, pattern recognition, time series analysis and symbolic context information analysis, among others.

Grid Models

Grupo AIA has built years of experience in the analysis and construction of transmission and distribution grid models throughout the world and has contributed to building a knowledge base.

Intelligent Observation Systems

Detection engine based on a knowledge hierarchical concept structure to interface with transactional systems in real time in environments such as for money-laundering detection.

Social Networks analysis

Social networks modeling, community evolution analysis, communication optimization through social networks.

Machine Learning

Development of not supervised segmentation models and characterization of large volume of individuals through marketing applications.