Carles Vericat Alemany

Business Development Director


Carles Vericat holds a BS Degree in Computer Science from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in 1992 and a MBA Degree from Universidad Pompeu Fabra in 1998. He has also completed a Senior Management Program from IESE Business School in Barcelona.

Began in Grupo AIA in 1992 as a trainee in the technical department. Fascinated by the sector and encouraged by a management team with a clear international vision and heterogenous environment, he evolved and got experience in different business areas: energy, health, internet, telecommunications, banking and innovation. Lately he has successfully managed the company´s technological and business development area.

As a constant learner and problem solver driven, he has contributed by giving new perspectives for the solution of problems. His biggest challenge has been to achieve the technological transfer of the advanced methods developed by Grupo AIA to sectors where they may have a real impact.

Since his promotion to Business Development Director in 2014, he has encouraged the company´s growth through the creation of new products and new business models as well as new ways of building a customer driven relationship phylosophy to give added value as a real competitive advantage.