seguridad cuántica

Algorithms for a safe Quantum messaging system

Grupo AIA ´s new project kick-off brings this technology closer to industrialization.

This is a previous project follow-up for the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), involved in error correction algorithms for encoding and decoding messages using “LDPC” (Low Density Parity Codes) for the encryption of messages transmitted by a quantum channel through optical fiber.

This second phase is targeted to industrialization – the before mentioned algorithms will be implemented using a specially-designed hardware (GPU’s) which considers the characteristics of parallel computation and memory management for optimal performance.

The developed software will manage safe key distribution for any application requiringit.

This technology will ensure a totally safe messaging system due to its quantum characteristics that will prevent intercepting and decrypting messages, unlike current technology which could eventually be compromised with the advancement of computational capacity.

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