Mrs. Regina María Llopis Rivas, as the Sole Administrator of the company APLICACIONES EN INFORMÁTICA AVANZADA, S.L., to calls the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Shareholder´s Meeting to be held, in accordance with the provisions of article 20.1 of the bylaws, at Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona), Avenida de la Torre Blanca, number 57, Edificio ESADECREAPOLIS, on June 29th, 2021 at 11:00am.


seguridad cuántica

Algorithms for a safe Quantum messaging system

Grupo AIA ´s new project kick-off brings this technology closer to industrialization.

This is a previous project follow-up for the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), involved in error correction algorithms for encoding and decoding messages using “LDPC” (Low Density Parity Codes) for the encryption of messages transmitted by a quantum channel through optical fiber.

This second phase is targeted to industrialization – the before mentioned algorithms will be implemented using a specially-designed hardware (GPU’s) which considers the characteristics of parallel computation and memory management for optimal performance.

The developed software will manage safe key distribution for any application requiringit.

This technology will ensure a totally safe messaging system due to its quantum characteristics that will prevent intercepting and decrypting messages, unlike current technology which could eventually be compromised with the advancement of computational capacity.

Grupo AIA develops algorithms for Quantum Cryptography

AIA’s Innovation Team has completed a software library for post processing in Quantum Key Distribution. With this software, the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) will be able to implement fully secure communications over conventional optical fiber. Quantum Cryptography is posed as a key technology to replace current cryptographic methods, which face a growing risk of becoming obsolete because of the rapid advances in Quantum Computing.

A thesis transferring neutrino ´s experience to the industrial sector

Last November 27th, Sebastian Piña Otey has successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Deep learning and Bayesian techniques applied to Big Data in the industry and neutrino oscillations”. Although this doctorate thesis is physics centered, there is also an industrial component developed with AIA within the industrial doctorate program framework sponsored by the Catalonian Government called: “Doctorats Industrials de la Generalitat. Sebastian ´s thesis, codirected by Vicens Gaitan, AIA´s representative, along with Thorsten Lux, neutrino´s team main researcher from the Institut de Física d’Altes Energies (IFAE), has developed a project that connects neutrino oscillations (mentioned in a previous blog post) with cutting-edge Deep Learning technology.

The thesis has focused on a new approach for data analysis and extraction of relevant information for the T2K neutrino experiment (Tokai to Kamioka) in Japan. In particle physics experiments, and more particularly, neutrino experiments, data analysis has three main components: detectors´ direct data processing, theoretical model simulation and model parameters determination. These three key aspects are essential for a rigorous and correct scientifically based results´ delivery. Sebastian ´s research had an impact on all three aspects by introducing different proofs of concepts of new technologies.

Firstly, he has successfully implemented an algorithm of Graph Neural Networks to help detecting not physic ambiguous signs during the simulation of a T2K future detector. As a result, the effect on the neutrino can be rebuilt correctly, increasing the performance as compared to traditional techniques. (The paper has been submitted to the Physical Review D and is currently under evaluation. Pre-publication can be download at https://www.tdx.cat/ )

Secondly, Sebastian has combined the normalizing flows technology, invertible neural networks that allow to evaluate and generate data from a probability distribution based on traditional statistical techniques, rejection sampling under the algorithm of Exhaustive Neural Importance Sampling (ENIS). More precisely, along with his supervisors, they have applied ENIS to generate data from a typical neutrino event in T2K, the interaction called charged-current quasi-elastic (CCQE). This paper was published on July 16th in the Physical Review D

Finally, as mentioned in our previous blog post, the normalizing flows were used to determine the parameters of the two neutrino flavors oscillation model. This paper was also published in the Physical Review D on June 2nd

However, the experience gained by the somewhat exotic application of the neutrino oscillations was also transferred to the industrial field. Sebastian and Vicens worked with Red Eléctrica Española through Elewit and could show the impact and value added of these techniques on potential projects of our clients. Thus, Sebastian has successfully achieved our first industrial doctorate, potentiating AIA´s relation with the IFAE and showing the contribution of the industrial sector to pure research.

Regina Llopis participates in the event «The sum of Intelligences» organized by the UdG

Last May 26th, Regina Llopis, President of Grupo AIA, took part in the online event coordinated by the Universidad de Girona titled «The sum of Intelligences».

More information at www.udg.edu/es/suma-intelligencies and hashtag Twitter  #congrésdigitalSI.

Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA, has created Women Angels for STEAM [WA4STEAM]

Scanty participation of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is due to diverse reasons and the so-called imposter syndrome is one of them. This psychological syndrome reflects the feeling of not deserving a job, position or success.

If we look at business entrepreneurship in technology or science, the figures are even worse. Only 22% of women undertake STEM projects and their access to financing is lower than for their male colleagues despite the better business results women show according to a survey carried out by t The Boston Consulting Group and MassChallenge.

On the other hand, in the last few years, this STEAM term has been used to refer to scientific and technical fields combined with arts and architecture. According to a survey conducted by UNESCO, 91% of girls and 80% of young women describe themselves as creative. Most of the girls interviewed believe the STEM areas do not foster creativity and only 20% of them think a mathematician has a creative job.

In this context, WA4STEAM is created.  An association of women investors committed to financing business projects, the so-called start-ups, led by women focusing on any of the STEAM areas before mentioned.

One of the main objectives of this association is to empower innovation aiming at adding value to the community and impacting on the economy and society. This is what has motivated Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA, to lead this project from the beginning which involves 31 women from 5 different countries, whose professional profiles range from medicine, pharmacy, physics, engineering, finance among others.

WA4STEAM´s creation came up after the participation of the partners in the European Union Women Business Angels for Europe’s Entrepreneurs (WA4E) organized by the Business School IESE in Madrid and Barcelona. Since its creation in May,2018, its partners have invested in different start-ups in STEAM areas led by women: Spotlab, Marbel, Ezymlogic and Artig Gallery, among others.

In the founding assembly, Regina Llopis was appointed president, Sylvie Lemaire, vice-president Ana Suarez, Treasurer and Blanca Ochoa executive board secretary. This association is one among the activities Regina Llopis carries out to foster girls and young women´s participation in STEAM areas and empower their access to top executive positions and play the role model to encourage future women executives.

WA4STEAM´s challenge is to make women feel the passion for entrepreneurship in STEAM areas and become strategic partners to foster future generations of girls and women.

Also, among the founding objectives of the association is creating a collective environment to allow women entrepreneurs to find the tools they need to develop their business projects, promote networking among professionals, entrepreneurship and other organizations and influence society through gender equality in STEAM.

Regina Llopis and Laila El Qadi nominated to the Top 100 Women Leaders Award

Regina Llopis, president and CEO of Grupo AIA, has been nominated to the TOP 100 Women Leaders Award in the 2018 edition.

One more time, Regina Llopis has been nominated for the Top Management category being this her third nomination. She was nominated in 2016 and 2017, and in this latter year she was chosen one of the 10 most representative Top Management Women for his job in Grupo AIA.

The TOP 100 Women Leaders Award  recognizes feminine talent in diverse categories: academics and research, top management, culture, entertainment and sports; business women, public and institutional service, media, experts and thinkers, etc.

Throughout the years, Mujeres&Cía, the event organizer has been given recognition to over 500 representative women in their respective categories aiming at making talent visible, highlighting the need to recognize women who hold position of great responsibility and contribute to society through their talent and professionality.

On her part, Laila El Qadi, responsible of communication and data translation, has been nominated to the category of Revelation and Entrepreneurship. Laila was awarded in 2014 under the Media category for her work at ondamujer.com and for her contribution to women´s talent visualization.

Grupo AIA, a company committed to equality and to reducing the gender gap in the STEAM areas (Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts and Mathematics), is proud to present two of its members with these awards nominations show the talent and professionality of its team.


Edge Computing, are we going back to physical DPCs or is it the trendy buzzword?

In a future filled with data from thousands of millions of devices connected to the internet, faster and more reliable data processing will be crucial for industries development. In recent years, we have witnessed the Cloud computing consolidation thanks to its centralized and scalable nature.


Advanced Analytics to stand out from the others [Infographics]

Constantly changing customers´ demand and market gaps are some of the things executives from different sectors must keep in mind to continue generating sales. Data analysis is the only way companies can compete with digital businesses and their disruptive impact on the international market.

Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA talks about women´s low participation in STEM

UNESCO produced a report in 2017 that talks about how countries have to put solutions to solve this issue and the case study of Malaysia, a country that 20 years ago decided to adapt its educational and social policies to increase the presence of women STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).