Grupo AIA collaborates in the Program for the Prevention and Treatment of Chronicity (PPAC)

Grupo AIA is currently collaborating with the Program for the Prevention and Treatment of Chronicity (PPAC) developed by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalonia. The information published in an article on the experience of population stratification models of chronic patients in Catalonia includes Grupo AIA´s vision and experience on this topic.

The importance of this type of program is it involves chronic patients´ treatment improvement on one hand and more efficient resources and medicines management on the other.

AIA´s V International Cash Management Forum

AIA´s V International Cash Management Forum was held at the Hotel Husa Madrid Paseo del Arte, a meeting point for professionals of the sector since 2007.
Like in past forum editions, representatives from the most financial institutions in Spain attended this event.
The forum benefitted from the presence of Alfonso Gonzalez Ledo (BANKIA Director Cash Management Director) who gave a presentation on “integrations, mergers and cash management” highlighting AIA´s support in the entities integration process.


The topics presented in the talks were found interesting by the attendants, in particular, NeoPolar platform´s demonstration and papers describing AIA´s new services in the field of Cash Management.

Success in AIA´s First Forum in Artificial Intelligence Applications in Chile

Most banks and telecommunications companies attended the Forum held in the city of Santiago, Chile last July 4-5, 2012 at the Hotel W Santiago. The main objective of the meeting was to share AIA’s experience in projects for the banking and telecommunication sectors.

According to a survey of the participants, “the applications have great potential for the solution of complex problems” and provide a new vision of reality. They also assure they would attend future editions.

Regina Llopis, President of Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada S.L., has participated at the Global Summit of Women 2012 in Athens

Regina Llopis, President of Grupo AIA, and other top executives and board members of the Spanish delegation attended the 2012 Global Summit of Women, “Women: The Engine of Economic Growth” held in Athens, Greece from May 31st   to June 2nd.

She has also participated as an invited speaker at the conference” Creating a business with emerging technologies” and gave a presentation on “AIA, Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada S.L., an international SME in a competitive world and industrial diversity.

This forum is the meeting point for executives and directors from all over the world to share their views and perceptions of their own sectors aiming at expanding economic opportunities for women throughout the world thanks to their work solutions and creative strategies exchange.

For more information of the event, agenda click on:  in Spanish

Impact of the implementation of electronic guidelines for cardiovascular prevention in primary care: study protocol

The Catalan Health Institute has recently added an electronic version of clinical practice guidelines (CPG-e). This study aims to evaluate the impact of the implementation of e-GPC in the diagnosis, treatment, control and management of hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus type 2 and hypertension.

These guidelines help and homogenize patients´ medical procedures as they provide expert´s knowledge to improve clinical practice, minimize treatment variability and improves sanitary resources efficiency.

AIA receives the Innovating Company Award 2010 by the Ascamm Foundation

The Ascamm Foundation, the member of the Tecnio network created by ACCIÓ for technological, innovation and excellence promotion in Catalonia, has announced its 2010 Innovation awards.

AIA has been granted the Innovating Company award in 2010 for its innovating applications in artificial intelligence algorithms developed for decision making support to the energy, banking, health and telecommunication sectors, among others. Moreover, AIA and Ascamm have created a shared unit (AIAMM) for developing artificial intelligence on industrial embedded systems

Antonio Trías, co-founder of Grupo AIA, has been granted the U.S patent AGORA

Antoni Trías Bonet, the co-founder of Grupo AIA, has been granted the U.S. patent AGORA. AGORA is a new-generation Grid Management System (GMS) with intelligent observation features, built on a non-iterative breakthrough patented innovation load flow algorithm, HELM, that always provides the correct solution (if an operational physical solution exists), even near voltage collapse. The result is a robust set of tools to keep the network state even under the most difficult operational conditions.

Antoni Trías explains in an interview how the new HELM system provides all power flow calculations and accurate real-time PV and QV curve generation, performs reliable contingency analysis and support simulation in real-time.

NeoPolar, Grupo AIA ´s new cash management product launch

AIA launches NeoPolar, its new cash management, and monitoring system. NeoPolar and PolarWEB technologies can reduce costs by 40% and guarantee cash supply by 99,7%. This new product is AIA´s revolutionary product due to its performance, and easy installation and implementation in the platform, reducing cash management personnel costs and improving branches ATMs cash supply ratio.