Carles Vericat, Business Development Director of AIA, analyzes the importance of data for businesses

Last March 6th, Día del Cluster Digital (Digital Cluster Day organized by Cluster Digital de Cataluña gathered various specialists to analyze the major technological trends for 2018 and once again the two trend topics discussed in several round tables were on Big Data and Cybersecurity.

Carles Vericat, Grupo AIA´s Business Development Director, had leading participation at the event: The Digital Cluster day held at the 22@innovation district.

The round table shared by Dani Marco, Smart Catalonia Director and Marc Torrent, Director of the Big Data Analytics Unit in Eurecat and Carles Vericat, discussed on Data economy. A large volume of data collection from different sources and its fast processing (Big Data) are two significant technological advances on this subject and directly related to the “data economy”. In other words, data collection is strategic due to the high rentability of data-driven business models.

Vericat claimed that data-driven companies can increase their profits if their data collection is good and adapted to meet business needs.

Moreover, Carles Vericat participated in other round tables to discuss the other two hot technological topics in the digital transformation: Big Data and cybersecurity.

The first table´s discussion focused on two trend topics: investments in cybernetics and cybersecurity. The table moderator was Jordi Rodríguez, founder and CEO of Davinci, a leading company in information systems management and Lluís Vera, CEO of Ackcent Cibersecurity, Gianluca d’Antonio, CIO of FCC and president of ISMS Forum.

David López, Chief Strategy Manager, Francesc Muñoz, CIO of Cuatrecasas, Ignasi Salvador, Innovation Director of CELSA GROUP. UP took part in the second table to discuss digital transformation.

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