Founded in 1988, an Information technology and software engineering firm Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada (“AIA”; is based in “Catalunya’s Silicon Valley”, in Sant Cugat del Vallés. For several years now, AIA has worked closely with CEOs, CTO´s and CIOs at Spain Top 100 corporations, delivering solutions and consulting. It has been innovative in transferring Basic Science through effective solutions to Industry needs.

The firm is majority-owned by its three founders, with total management ownership standing at close to 88%.

Dr. Regina Llopis Rivas is Grupo AIA’s founding member, President & CEO.

Regina holds a Degree in Mathematics from the University of Maryland with High Honors. Master of Science and PhD in Mathematics Applied to Artificial Intelligence from University of California Berkeley.

Dr. Antoni Trias Bonet is Grupo AIA’s founding member, Vice President of R+D and CTO.

Antoni Trias holds B.S. in Physics (with High Honors) from the University of Barcelona and a PhD in Particle Physics (with High Honors) from UAB in Barcelona. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley Lab and a Visiting Professor invited by Nobel Prize winning Dr. C. N. Yang at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, State University of NY at Stony Brooks.

AIA is a “micromultinational” Group with International Clients as well as Spanish & European Firms.

The major objective of Grupo AIA is to produce real and quantifiable economic benefit for our customers by means of innovative activity using the latest technology as a high-valued business proposal.

From the outset, Grupo AIA has met the expectations of the market, and has solved extremely complex problems within the industry and the business world by developing state-of-the-art technology. Its software is based on techniques for classification, prediction, optimisation, simulation and artificial intelligence, which are currently experiencing rapid and constant change. The permanent goal of Grupo AIA is to build Algorithms for a Better World and transform information into useful knowledge, supporting decision making at every operational and management levels.

AIA presently serves most of the top Spanish energy companies ENDESA, Gas Natural Fenosa and through Gridquant, Inc. serves International utilities such as CFE, PG&E. Gridquant, Inc.’s core product is an Energy Management System (EMS) called AGORA[1]. AGORA is a modular software suite that provides incisive monitoring assistance, as well as powerful incident-management and restoration capabilities to transmission or distribution network operations. AGORA is based on a breakthrough, non-iterative power Load Flow Algorithm capable of computing very large close-to-voltage-collapse network situation. This algorithm presents significant advantages vis-à-vis the traditional Newton-Raphson fast decoupling methods used in large network EMSs, which are offered by competitors such as Siemens and ABB. AGORA´s value proposition features greatly enhanced asset protection and network management capabilities, as well as reduced down times and associated risks. A desktop product: HELM/FLOW is being launched this year enhancing and empowering existing industry product standards for Load Flow computation such as those of Siemens & GE, used by planning engineers.

Grupo AIA collaborates closely with the top financial institutions in the country (including BBVA, La Caixa, Banco Sabadell and Bankia). One of its key financial services, software tools typically cuts cash distribution management costs by 30-40% in ATM or branch networks. These tools are now deployed in network operations encompassing over 20,000 branch and ATM sites throughout Spain. Clients include both La Caixa and Bankia, two of Europe’s most it sophisticated ATM network operators.

Grupo AIA is also a leader in solutions for the Prevention of Money Laundering. AIA SIOPEIA software is present in more than 100 financial institutions in Spain and Portugal.

Grupo AIA is growing their business unit Health through the implementation of decision support systems for hospitals, public health systems and the pharmaceutical industry.

In the telecommunications industry Grupo AIA is working on customer analysis applications on Big Data infrastructure. The type of analytical models in which Grupo AIA is working are: Customer Segmentation, Customer Life Cycle, Forecasting and Expert Systems. All of them includes intellectual property in Artificial Intelligence Grupo AIA and provide innovative ideas for customer analysis.

(1) Advanced Grid Observation and Reliability Algorithms.

The areas of knowledge of Grupo AIA include:

  • Intelligent Observation Systems: Motor based on a hierarchical conceptual structure of knowledge that interfaces with real-time transactional systems and event-driven systems.
  • Optimization Techniques: Using classical methods, genetic algorithms, neural networks, algorithms A *, physical models (simulated annealing) Monte Carlo methods.
  • Predictive Analysis: Neural Networks, pattern recognition, time series analysis and Contextual Information Symbolic analysis, among others.
  • Electrical Network Models: AIA has accumulated years of experience analyzing and building models transmission grids worldwide and has built a substantial base of knowledge.
  • Social Network Analysis: Modelling social networks, analysis of the evolution of communities, optimizing communication through the social network.
  • Segmentation and characterization Models: Developing models for unsupervised segmentation and characterization of large volumes of individuals with marketing applications.
  • Modelling of knowledge: Development of methodologies for modeling and representing knowledge.

The Grupo AIA team is composed by Doctors, Engineers, Graduates and Masters (MBA and Master of Arts & Sciences). The continuous exchange of ideas between multidisciplinary teams and senior management of customers generates relentless innovation and new products. The AIA approach is to generate knowledge in the areas of Energy, Banking, Health and Telecommunications. Having presence in various business areas makes it generates knowledge applied transverse horizontally just in different business areas.