The Financial Services and Insurance unit of Grupo AIA has been serving major Spanish financial institutions for more than 20 years.
In 2006, we expanded into the international market and currently have customers in Mexico, Chile, Portugal, Romania and Andorra.
We provide standard products and market leading consultancy specializing in:

  • Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.
  • Supreme Cash Management in Branches and ATMs.
  • Intelligent Systems for Settlement Factoring.
  • Early Fraud Detection in Electronic Payment Systems (Self-service, POS, Channels)

We also develop “turnkey” projects with important benefits, which we focus on through innovative methods

Team Skills


The Financial Services and Insurance unit at Grupo AIA is made up of varied professionals: mathematicians, computer engineers, industrial engineers and telecommunications engineers. This diversity allows us to address challenges from different angles, always in search of the best solution.
We apply the team’s knowledge in multiple technologies, some of them powered by AIA, as well as our extensive experience in business to provide innovative solutions to financial institutions and insurance companies, both in the adaptation and implementation of our products and projects, along with specific consulting or other specialized services.
The participation of our team in the definition and development of a variety of projects and products offers invaluable business experience to banking and insurance companies.
The combination of technological expertise with business experience and the AIA team’s exceptional qualities means we can sort out complex situations effectively.



The main challenge of our Financial Services and Insurance unit is to enter into international markets and contribute to the sectors needs. Creative proposals to a changing environment continually arise.
In terms of international expansion we have strengthened our position in those markets where are already present (Portugal and Mexico) and we are entering new countries in Latin America and Europe, having secured customers in Chile, Romania and Germany.
Regarding special solutions and projects have been applied to the environment Geolocation Banking, Customer Business Cycle banking and is working on projects for virtualisation of bank branches.



AIA’s experience in finance and insurance dates from 1991 with the development of the first smart financial simulators.
Since then it has purvey to the bench with different solutions, always with significant benefits: Automated risk assessment (1992), Information Systems Management (1993), early detection solutions media Fraud payment (1996), Intelligent Investment Advisors (1999), and Intelligent Platform Factoring Conciliation (2006)
The Lace Management project developed in 1994 was the beginning of the current platform  for Supreme Cash Management: “NeoPolar”
In 2002 we created our first platform for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, which in 2004 resulted in the product SIOPEIA AML, a leader in the domestic market.
This trajectory has allowed AIA to acquire vast experience in finance and insurance in both raising and project development, and in the creation of products and the delivery of various services to the sector.