The need to provide companies the skill to face the challenge of maximizing the value of the huge amount of data they’re gathering has led Grupo AIA to create a business unit specialized in Big Data mainly formed by Data Scientists and Data Engineers.

Grupo AIA´s expertise of more than twenty years in designing, developing and implementing projects in the area of data analytics has put the company in a leading position to give real, immediate and efficient Big Data solutions to its customers.

By following a model of continuous knowledge transfer and cooperation, focused on business needs and with a vision of applying state-of-the art technologies, Grupo AIA has gained a unique experience at national and international level with the development of numerous projects in different sectors.

Big Data and its value

Lately companies have realized data is an extraordinary asset in their business activity. Data volume has increased in such a way it has demanded the acquisition of important infrastructures to be able to cope with data analysis and storage.

Grupo AIA offers its customers teams of experts to give value in the short term and provide the skills to face data modeling and analytics in the future.

Some of the Big Data key elements Grupo AIA is currently applying on its projects are:

  • Large volume of data processing, integrating different data sources.
  • The fusion of the data knowledge with the user´s experience.
  • The involvement of the business in all the project lifecycle right from the beginning starting by defining the actionability levers.
  • Short projects and short validations to allow quick wins by the business units.
  • No need to structure the information to be analyzed.
  • The key figure of the Data Scientist as a core asset in the project development.
  • The use of business metrics to continuously evaluate the project results and impact.
  • The use of graphic tools to show, analyze and extract conclusions over the results obtained and give support in the decision-making process.

Big Data technology has an impact on the following main business areas:

  • New dimension of data analysis.
  • Non-supervised discovery of relationships (linear and nonlinear) within the information.
  • New business models based on information and knowledge. Both are assets to be exploited by the business units’.
  • Continuous product improvement.
  • Better actionability in the short term.

Team responsibilities and methodologies

The Big Data unit consists of experts in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and IT Engineering. The team is made up by highly qualified professionals who have achieved a PHD, master or double degrees in different scientific areas.

Thanks to the highly skilled and professional staff, Grupo AIA can offer the customer teams of professionals specialized in:

  • Data Discovery.
  • Data audit.
  • Prediction Systems.
  • Machine learning.
  • Smart Observation Systems.
  • Propensity Purchasing Systems.
  • Intelligent Datamining.
  • Anomalies Detection in complex systems.
  • Decision-making support systems.
  • Recommendation automatic systems.
  • Segmentation and classification Systems.
  • Sentiment Analysis and Text Mining.

Grupo AIA is currently working with state of the art technologies, platforms and languages such as:

  • Random Forest.
  • Gradient Boosting Machines.
  • Deep Learning.
  • Autoencoders.
  • Neural Networks.
  • Word2Vec.
  • Graphs Analysis.
  • Distributed Ledger Technology / Block Chain.
  • Linguistic Processing.
  • Generalized Linear Models.
  • Tensor Flow.
  • R.
  • Hadoop environments.
  • Java/Spark.
  • Python.
  • H2O.
  • Oracle / Exadata.
  • Aster / Teradata.

Challenges and markets

The Big Data unit´s biggest challenge is to provide innovating and transversal solutions not only from the methodology point of view but also in the implementation of complex solutions tackling large volumes of data.

The Big Data unit is currently developing solutions targeted to the financial, energy and retail markets and is now expanding itself to new international markets in Europe and The U.S.

The Big Data unit manages each project individually, evaluating its particular business needs and technical requirements to design the best solution to the problem. The most suitable methodologies and algorithms are chosen as well as the technology for the project implementation and management. Moreover, important synergies with the innovation unit of Grupo AIA contribute to the implementation of leading cutting-edge solutions.

Thus, the Big Data unit guarantees high standard solutions by following strict internal quality control processes and by having a close relationship with the customers to make sure the solution offered meets their needs.