Project management workflow in the evaluation of new drugs. Establishment of AIA in Frankfurt, Germany. First AIA Applied Artificial Intelligence Forum. Santiago de Chile. First AIA Applied Artificial Intelligence Forum. Mexico DF


Computerization of Clinical Practice Guidelines for Major Depression. Establishment of Grupo AIA in Chile First client in Chile Banco BCI, Factoring platform FIM


Obtaining European project  FP / R & D in the Prevention of Money Laundering www.hemolia.eu Creating the User Group Cash Management solutions POLAR / MOCA / NeoPolar and definition of Cash Scorecard III AIA Optimisation Forum in collaboration with Cash & DEVRIENT GIESEKE, Madrid V AIA Forum on Money Laundering Prevention with the collaboration of […]


Start with the projects related to the computerization of Clinical Pathways for Hospitals. Contract NeoPolar of cash management with Banco Cooperativo Grupo Cajas Rurales for the 76 entities of the group . Contract of AML with ASNEF and Soluciones Confirma to check the names of Credit Institutions. IV AIA Forum on Prevention of Money Laundering, Madrid.


Consolidation of using AGORA algorithms technology in ENDESA control centres; 5 in Spain (Catalonia, Aragon, Andalusia, Canary Islands) and 1 in Colombia (CODINSA). AIA participates in the General Assembly of Factoring – Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain (April 17 to 19). Participation in the National Assembly of Financial and Credit Institutions. ASNF (Cascais. Portugal […]