CENIT VERDE Drives the Electromobility in Spain

At the closing ceremony of CENIT VERDE, SEAT welcomed a research project dedicated to the study and development of technologies that should facilitate the introduction of electric vehicles in Spain. During four years of research, more than 800 professionals from 16 companies and 14 government agencies from different fields have joined forces to develop sustainable alternatives for the automotive, infrastructure and energy sectors.

Grupo AIA, Cegasa, Cobra, Endesa, Iberdrola, Lear and Siemens are among the companies that have participated in the project, led by the SEAT Technical Centre, with support from the Ministry of Science and Innovation through the Centre for Industrial Technology Development (CDTI) and the coordination of the CTM Centre for Technology Foundation. The project had a total budget of 34 million euros and has become a benchmark in Europe thanks to public-private partnership and the amount of research and innovation developed.



In the presence of representatives from diverse companies, the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, Carmen Vela, was informed of the results of work by the participating organisations, among which is a prototype called SEAT LEON GREEN, which is interconnected with intelligent charging management. The research project has driven electric mobility and stimulated investment and innovation to turn Spain into a global player in the electric vehicle sector. In particular, making advances in a variety of fields, from battery research, to the integration of the vehicle’s electrical system, through the charging infrastructure and vehicle communication with the grid.

It also extended CENIT VERDE participating company technical knowledge and competitiveness and opened the door to future agreements between these companies and technology centres to continue researching intersectorial projects in order to promote the technologies needed for the generalization of electromobility. With all this, it has taken a step forward to increase the country’s competitiveness.

Ramón Paredes, executive Vice President of Governmental and Institutional Relations for SEAT and the Volkswagen Group in Spain, has referred to the program as “the most ambitious research initiative conducted by a consortium of Spanish companies in a technology field as important as Electro mobility” “Parades said, “Aid to finance R & D is a key element in the industrial policy of any developed nation, or at least those who want to remain so. Experience shows that countries that have managed to paddle upstream have got out of the crisis faster and stronger. ”







Video with participating companies in the project Cenit Verde