Closure day of the project ENERGOS

The closure took place on September 26, 2013 at Gas Natural Fenosa’s installations in Madrid, with the purpose of presenting the most relevant results of the project and its closure.

AIA has done studies in diverse areas and has developed several software modules exploring different technologies within the Energos project. The main developments of the participation in Energos are the operation and planning of intelligent networks. Intelligent Observation System technologies are used, and implemented through an event processing engine for high-level findings from low-level information about network performance. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence techniques are used to find the ideal operation mode for every circumstance and to provide the necessary manoeuvres to provide an automatic reset in case of incidents. It has also developed a prototype for micro economic management through multi agent technologies, which allows interaction between storage devices, generators of renewable and non renewable energies, demand management, and so on.

Other areas in which we have worked are: a tool for predictive maintenance, a mobility simulator for electric cars and the use of Nano composites for fault diagnosis in cables.