Advantages of NeoPolar


1. Average reduction of 20% in cash management costs.
2. Release of excess cash in the branch network and ATMs.
3. It offers ideal transport to each point of the network, taking into account costs and operational constraints.
4. Improves efficiency of the branch network, minimizing dedication to effective management.
5. The system automatically adapts to the changing environment.
6. Calculates and displays expected consumption for each of the points of the branch network and ATMs.
7. Immediate incorporation of effective management policies on the Web
8. Operational risk minimization dynamically adjusting to real cash needs.
9. Profitability of NeoPolar project integration in less than one year in normal conditions.

Main objectives of NeoPolar


Help Wizard in Office Management

Recommended daily performance to each transport office, broken down by denomination.
Automates effective management of existing cash points.
Presents the prediction of future cash receipts and payments of the office, and associated ATM evolution of the balance at closing.
Allows the user to report unusual cash movements and based on these, immediately updates recommendations.


Support for Centralized Monitoring and Decision Making

Allows monitoring of the management of the whole network, a particular area, or an individual cash point.
Custom Dashboards, control and decision-making support.
Cash point problem detection, allowing visualization and comparisons ordered by criteria.
Tracking management globally, providing evolution metrics useful for management decision-making.


Reducing Operating Costs

The consideration of all operating costs: financial costs, transport, handling and safety, taking into account all operational constraints: limits balances, limits transport, etc.
Making cash flow forecasts: stop payments and receipts and cash consumption.
Framework Adapted to quality rules of tickets.
Lace optimum SDA and Bank of Spain.
Tracking adopted recycling policies at each point.



Objectives of Cash Management responsible

Reducing costs involved in cash management are a key marker for Financial Institutions.
Both regulatory requirements, such as the pursuit of business efficiency Entities, forcing them to find ways to reduce administrative costs and lower transport and opportunity costs of holding cash surplus.
Increase efficiency and savings banking institutions requires having the tools to ensure minimum costs appropriate to their operation.
Adding NeoPolar to businesses reduced the total costs associated with cash management by an average of 20%.
The ROI associated with NeoPolar integration is very high: in the first full year of operation in the business, the tool saves the equivalent of the cost of implementing the system.

Intellectual Property


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