Advantages of SIOPEIA AML platform


AML SIOPEIA not only detects those cases susceptible to money laundering, but also facilitates and optimises the tasks of analysts by providing alarms prioritised by risk level, as well as an explanatory factor of the reasons that caused the alarm.
1. Effective Compliance Third Directive on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.
2. It incorporates modules of due diligence management, tracking operations, analysis of people in PRP and SDN lists and systematic reporting.
3. Integrated management of alerts generated by the system providing unified customer vision.
4. Adaptable to the size and needs of the business, minimizing management resources.
5. Thanks to its technology, minimizes the number of false positives.
6. Spanish market leader platform, backed by 10 years of experience.

The challenges of the Anti-Money Laundering Units


Money laundering is continually growing and regulatory laws are increasing. It is imperative for financial institutions, insurance companies and for everyone who is obliged to protect their reputation and strengthen compliance.

Financial institutions and insurance companies are the main channel for money laundering. Both national and international regulatory agencies have these organisations as the main target for compliance with all regulations developed to combat laundering.

Financial institutions and insurance companies are obliged to carry out checks on activities related to money laundering and the financing of terrorism following existing regulations at national and international levels.

With this objective AML (Anti Money Laundering) platforms should strengthen to track suspicious activity occurring within the large number of financial transactions that are carried out in each financial institution. It is necessary that these platforms are able to minimize the work of analysts, avoiding the appearance of false negatives and false positives.


Main modules of AML SIOPEIA


Support  to the management of due diligence – KYC

  • Based on customer knowledge, KYC (Know Your Customer).
  • Management and unified risk control.
  • Detection of due diligence changes, both changes based on their profile and in their operation.

Tracing operations

Systematically analyses all operations considered risky for the business.

  • Detects those customers and accounts suspected of money laundering operations.
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence based technology to prioritise and optimise research efforts.
  • Minimizes false positives.


Identification of people in SDN list, PRP and customized

  • Smart search of people in SDN (Specially Designated Nationals List), PRP (People Public Liability) lists and private lists.
  • Solve typos and phonetic errors
  • Automatically imports various lists in which people are verified.
  • Allows the creation of temporary exceptions and the auditing of matches.


Systematic reporting. DMO

  • Generates Systematic Reporting files required monthly by the SEPBLAC.
  • Includes communication format DMO version 2.0, effective since January 2007
  • It can operate independently if required.

Intellectual Property


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