With more than 20 years’ experience as a provider of solutions for Banks and Insurance Companies, we combine our extensive knowledge with guidelines to offer modern solutions to the industry with important benefits.
The focus on banking and insurance services and solutions has been one of the main pillars of our business strategy

We provide standardised solutions as well as consultancy, specialising in various areas, which include:

  • Compliance, Prevention of Money Laundering, Due Diligence and prevention of Terrorism Financing.
  • Forecast and optimisation of Cash in offices and ATMs. (Automated teller Machines).
  • Intelligence for Settlement Factoring.
  • Early Fraud Detection in Electronic Payment (Self-service, TPVs, Channels).
  • Data-mining and mathematical modelling for a better understanding of customers

Technological challenges in the Banking and Insurance


Traditional banks and insurers are facing one of the most significant changes in recent decades.

Continued growth in the use of Internet and Smartphones and the gradual replacement of paper by electronic images are already affecting the banking business.
The office workload is changing to Online Banking (Internet and Mobile) so the direct relationship between customer and branch is declining.

Business success depends on the capacity of banks to develop services and transactions based on the use of standard technologies for the customer. In contrast, businesses must also offset customer disconnection by leveraging the opportunities provided by new technologies and intelligent solutions.

Using these tools focuses tactics on a model that promotes an association with customers.


Artificial Intelligence Contribution


Financial institutions and insurance companies have lots of distributed information from different sources. The possibilities of analysis of this information are very limited without the use of appropriate tools.

Intelligent solutions offer enough technological means to transform such information into knowledge.

The knowledge extracted from the information available to businesses provides many advantages: better management, increased customer satisfaction as well as a decrease in costs through process optimisation.