Cash Management



The Cash Management departments of financial institutions require a set of objectives that is increasingly difficult to deal with due to the volume of items to manage, the internal needs and compliance with policies set by the organization, as well as regulatory compliance.

Keeping these networks stocked is associated with a complex business operational process that:

  • Requires dedication from staff (monitoring stock, analysing the situation, next planning supplies, etc).
  • Has associated operating costs (financial cost, transport, handling, insurance etc).


Right now the challenge is to meet the cash needs of financial institutions that have extensive cash point networks consisting of both offices and ATMs needing:

  • Reduced Operating Costs in Cash Management (transport costs + fixed costs).
  • Improved Cash Service Quality in the branch network and ATMs.
  • Centralized Monitoring Support and decision-making by personnel and management.




Grupo AIA has achieved Cash Management optimisation with different processes working in collaboration, to provide the ideal solution. The main processes are:

  • Dynamic receipts and payments forecasts for each of the branch’s cash through an individualized study corresponding to historical series.
  • The ideal transport recommendation for each point of the system, taking into account transportation costs, financial and security costs, such as restrictions set by the company (trail days, open days, maximum transport).




Grupo AIA’s 20 years experience in Ideal Cash Management allows us to provide services to financial institutions and high benefit products that generate savings of both financial resources and those responsible for Cash Management and Central Services offices.

AIA products and services in the cash management area:

  • Ensure the service with balanced costs incurred.
    • Sustainable cost savings.
  • Reduce the workload of those responsible for the effective management of the business:
    • Responsible for central services.
    • Responsible for each of the offices.
  • Are able to perform appropriate monitoring and control of management.
    • Global and specific knowledge (regions, areas, per point, etc.)
  • Are able to adapt dynamically to.
    • Changes in net cash (openings, closings or mergers).
    • Restrictions of lace and immobilized assets.
    • Ensure cash flow and stock a quality service.
    • Changes to the rules.

Success Cases


  • One of the most important Spanish banks has been optimally managing cash in its extensive network of branches and ATMs for more than 15 years using AIA tools.
  • One bank, resulting from the merger of several savings banks, adopted an AIA tool for the Polar group, which was implemented in one of the merged businesses, rapidly migrating to the new NeoPolar version. All done to the full satisfaction of the offices and central services.