Money Laundering Prevention and detection of Financing Terrorism



Money laundering is the process through which the origin of funds generated by the exercise of some illegal or criminal activity is concealed. The aim of the operation, which is usually done at various levels, is to have the funds or assets obtained through illegal activities appear as the result of legitimate activities circulating without problem in the financial system.

Financial institutions, which are the main channel for money laundering, are obliged to carry out checks on the activities related to money laundering and the financing of terrorism, complying with existing regulations at national and international levels.

Prevention of Money Laundering presents the following challenges:

  • Detection of known operational laundering
  • Detection of unknown operational laundering (emerging)
  • Obtain a unified view of the customer (KYC – Know Your Customer)




For the Prevention of Money Laundering AIA Group uses different engines based on Artificial Intelligence Techniques, including  SIOs. It generates a profile of the different players and with the information received performs an elaborate analysis that detects potential money laundering operations based on a valuation context. This assessment is based on risk factors, operational changes, deviations with respect to groups, etc.
For the Prevention of Terrorism Financing, identification of people is achieved by using an intelligent search list result of the integration of various filtering agents, standardization of names, calculation of a note of confidence as the name and subsequent adjustment of the note obtained by name as context data (identification number, date of birth, country,).



Grupo AIA has distinguished itself from other Laundering Prevention Platforms since its inception in 2002, having intelligent scanning engines, which are able to use all the knowledge of an expert, and learn and adapt to the context and to prioritise alarms and give an explanatory factor.
With the experience of analysing more than 90 million people in financial institutions, Grupo AIA has provided a thorough knowledge of the reality in institutions and has facilitated the development of new solutions and consulting services that improve the management of alerts and save efforts by Compliance Departments.
Consequently, the main benefits of Grupo AIA solutions in the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism are:

  • Effective Compliance of Third Directive on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.
  • Management Platform modules due diligence, operations tracking, analysing people and PRP SDN lists and systematic reporting.
  • Integrated alerts generated by the system providing unified customer vision.
  • Adapting the size and needs of the institution, minimizing management resources.
  • Thanks to its technology, minimizes the number of false positives.


Success Cases


All products of the merging of several savings banks in which any of the merged institutions using Grupo AIA tools for AML / FT have decided to adopt our platforms SIOPEIA AML / SDNCHECK as corporate tools.
Grupo AIA developed the PRP management module four years before the applicable law with respect to “People with public responsibility”.