Grupo AIA has more than twenty-five years’ experience in energy solutions working at diverse levels:

  • Real-time support
  • Forecasting demand (electricity and gas)
  • Renewable generation forecast
  • Forecasting electricity market prices
  • Analysis Models of electricity markets
  • Optimisation of hydrogeneration

In the late twentieth century, Grupo AIA collaborated with the most important Spanish electricity suppliers ENHER, Hydroelectric Catalunya, FECSA (today ENDESA) and Red Electrica of Spain, to produce a solution for creating and automating planned manoeuvres to solve power grid instability. This project implied challenges associated rush, which resulted in a new method of deterministic and non-iterative solution of equations Power Flow (Loadflow). Today, HELM (Holomorphic Embedding Loadflow Method) is patented in the U.S. and forms the basis of the product AGORA (Advanced Grid Observation Reliable Algorithms) which incorporates multi-functional power network analysis in real time. It also includes an automatic module that replaces the network in cases of instability and blackouts.

The technological  challenges in the energy sector


The network evolution towards Smart Grid paradigm has presented interesting technological challenges. The increasing complexity of electricity networks means greater capacity and related performance measurement. To ensure the network is clever it is necessary to develop real-time analysis technology for large volumes of information and suppliers to make ultimate decisions. These decisions affect everyone, from the customer (consumer/ generator) to the generation sources through the entire network and the electricity market.

Contribution of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence will play a key role in developing Smart Grids in all areas. The automation of the operation of the network at different levels, and demand management through modulation of market prices, among others, are issues that we can only tackle using Artificial Intelligence.
Grupo AIA provides the ability to combine Artificial Intelligence with physical modelling of the electricity system, which ensures the success of the project.



Top professionals make up the Grupo AIA Energy team, with great problem solving capacity, including experts from fields such as Physics, Mathematics and Engineering.