Intelligent Electricity Market Monitoring

Buho uses artificial intelligence techniques to recognize patterns in the data resulting from the Market. Strategic Market issues are captured using a market model based on the Game Theory. Additionally, the system contains expert knowledge captured in a conceptual representation of anomalous situations, from the point of view of the management and operation of the electricity system.

The main purpose of BUHO (Owl in English) is to assist in the monitoring of the electric energy market, for the understanding of biddings.

BUHO is an intelligent observation system, which uses artificial intelligence techniques for pattern recognition, data analysis, and the creation of a set of rules to support or modify the offering of creation strategies.

BUHO harnesses a set of observations of energy market prices, analyses this data for classification in “clusters” and finally identifies potential anomalies, organized according to their severity.

BUHO detects anomalies that are organized into the following categories:


  • Statistics anomalies
  • Correlation anomalies
  • Strategic anomalies
  • Thermal anomalies
  • Hydraulic anomalies


The interface uses Spanish or English agents with management of natural language and voice emission, to save time the user responsible for processing daily deals.