Solutions for gas market



Grupo AIA offers solutions to the gas sector in order to improve monitoring processes; forecasting and the operation of different actors do in their operating system. Whether they are daily or intraday processes in real time, such as information process consolidation or anomaly detection, Grupo AIA banks on methods and tools available to provide solutions with very high levels of automation and minimal errors in their different calculations and outputs.
In turn, Grupo AIA is continuously monitoring its assortment of tools, providing services with significant benefits for its customers, making daily and monthly monitoring adjustments to the different processes of their solutions, always seeking to provide ideal calculation for different monitoring elements.
Grupo AIA carries out various mathematical consulting projects tailored to the needs of its customers, looking to get high benefit knowledge regarding the sources of customer data.



Grupo AIA applies data-mining methods to extract business knowledge from existing data and uses its own forecasting methods to support network management.


  • Short -Term Forecast: Grupo AIA has developed its own forecasting methods, symbolic forecasting, capture based on states, as they could be models Holt-Winters. After 20 years of industry experience, successive evolution models have reached a level of sophistication that has allowed our customers to have an error of a 2 ~ 4% MAPE in short-term forecasts for years.
  • Long-Term Forecast: Specific short Forecasting models, medium and long term to support the development of the gas industry nominations.
  • Data-Mining: Grupo AIA uses mathematical tools and data-mining to extract information from the data. These methods have allowed analysis with;
    • Estimates of the impact of economic variables on consumption.
    • Estimates of the impact of weather variables on consumption.
    • Customer segmentation based on consumer profiles.




Grupo AIA has more than 20 years experience in solutions for the gas industry, at present supplying most of the major Spanish gas companies such as Gas Natural, Fenosa, Endesa, Madrileña Red de Gas and Sedigas. Given our extensive experience, Grupo AIA provides specialized consulting services and solutions tailored to the needs of each of its clients in the areas of:

  • Forecasting Demand
  • Emissions and Distributions
  • Measurement Differences
  • Anomaly detection services on the network
  • Generation of profiles and segment characteristic for GTS


Success cases


AIA has developed the gas demand forecast system VIKING for Gas Natural, and is working continuously to incorporate new features, algorithmic improvements, adaptations to new legislative realities and improvements in the quality of the forecast.