Grupo AIA has brought its renowned technologies to the health sector, providing solutions in Primary Care, Hospital Care and Health Management:

  • Medical Knowledge Modelling: Computerized Clinical Practice Guidelines and Therapeutic Guide.
  • Support for electronic prescribing of medication.
  • Security alerts in prescribing.
  • Health Management Observatories (pharmaceutical, hospital, etc.).
  • Forecasting and Optimisation in the health field.
  • Medical Image Analysis.

The technological challenges in the health sector


Technology has played, and will continue to play a major role in worldwide health development.
Achieving sustainable development, improving the quality of service to the patient, taking into account the current economic climate and the increase in patients with chronic diseases are challenges that technology, from its many variants, must provide in short-term solutions.

Contribution of Artificial Intelligence


The development of artificial intelligence-based applications has tremendous potential in the health area.
Aspects such as the support to decision-making in various medical procedures using expert systems, optimisation of resources based on future needs, the automatic classification of patients, pattern recognition in medical images and signals are possible to address and solve today with the addition of technologies based on Artificial Intelligence.