Clinical Practice Guidelines



Clinical Practice Guidelines are recommendations based on the Scientific Evidence that help professionals make decisions about the best way to care for their patients.

The computerization of guidelines, and consequently its extensive use, improves clinical practice, minimizes the variability in its application and improves efficiency in the use of health resources.




Grupo AIA, with its skill in the design and implementation of expert systems, has developed a method that allows computerization of clinical practice guidelines in a simple, practical and efficient manner.

This method is based on the use of expert systems, accompanied by a consultation process to capture the medical knowledge of a reference panel and implement an integrated information system in the medical record.

The design of Clinical Practice Guidelines is aimed towards integration into the clinical care process. This will take into consideration:

  • Integration in the medical history
  • Optional use by the physician
  • It generates recommendations which should be validated by the primary care provider
  • Ability to be used at doctor’s appointments

Once the guidelines have been implemented, professionals can easily validate the insights provided are accurately reflected in guidebooks, simplifying the development process of computerized books.




Clinical Practice Guidelines cover different areas of the disease life cycle:


  • Suspected. It allows doctors and nurses early detection of symptoms that may indicate the presence of disease in the patient.
  • Diagnostics. They help doctors diagnose the disease correctly based on symptoms and contextual information of the patient (clinical information, age, sex, etc.).
  • Treatment. The guide provides drug treatment in the form of active or therapeutic group, taking into account counter-indications or intolerance.
  • Monitoring and Control. Proposes actions depending on the status of each patient, including recommendation of upcoming visits, nursing control or testing.


Success cases


Implementation of the following guides at the Institut Català de la Salut:

  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Heart Failure
  • Diabetes
  • Childhood Asthma
  • Hypertension
  • Major Depression
  • EPOC