Electronics Therapeutic Guide



The current needs of the health system pose the challenge of providing quality care more efficiently.
The application of expert systems based on methods can offer the doctor a quick and simple environment that truly serves both the diagnosis and prescription of treatment to deal with the disease.



The application of methods and technologies based on Expert Systems facilitate the design and development of Electronic Therapeutic Guidelines. AIA Group’s experience in designing efficient and really usable guides to aid the physician’s work environment, are the guarantee of success.
The key to the successful implementation of Therapeutic Guidelines is to get a full shot of the expertise of the medical personnel involved with them and integrate this efficiently within the clinical station. To do this, AIA has a highly qualified team able to design models for clinical decision support, taking into account both clinical and technological aspects.



The integration of Electronic Therapeutic Guide to Clinical Station includes:

  • Standardization of drug treatment for acute health problems.
  • On-line access to EBM therapeutic guidelines.
  • Context of treatment as active patient, characteristics (age, gender, IR / IH, allergies)
  • Provision of interactive system alerts.
  • Structuring information and increased registration of health problems.
  • Automatic generation of prescriptions to cover the overall treatment.


Success cases


Implementation of Therapeutic Guide at the Institut Català de la Salut