The growth of medicated patients and increasing complexity in managing counter-indications and drug interactions requires applications that can inform the prescribing doctor that performed the patient is safe.
The introduction of electronic prescriptions is an opportunity to provide information, along with information about the patient, provide required notices to the doctor who prescribed the treatment.
This casuistry challenged to provide, in real time, the appropriate alerts that add value to the prescription safely and efficiently.



Integrated with clinical stations it allows the doctor immediately to have associated safety alerts to solicit a new product in the active visited patient’s prescription.
At the time of introducing a prescription drug in an active patient, an intervention assessment is made on-line, checking that it is safe for the patient and will not pose any health risk.
This assessment is carried out considering the following information:

  • Prescription active patient.
  • Diagnoses or health problems arising from the patient.
  • The patient’s age.
  • The counter-indications and interactions of prescribed drugs.




FARMAPRES has an influence directly on both patient safety as well as the costs associated with the medication.

Using FARMAPRES improves patient safety by controlling the prescription medications that may be counter-indicated or inappropriate to the clinical characteristics of the patient.
It also avoids the costs associated with prescription drugs redundant by different doctors.
FARMAPRES takes into account the patient’s clinical characteristics (data extracted directly from clinical stations) to offer full support to the doctor in safe prescribing.

Security alerts detected by FARMAPRES:

  • Redundant Treatments.
  • Interactions.
  • Health problems, counter-indications – medication.
  • Inappropriate drugs in geriatric patients (> = 65 years).
  • Counter-indicated medications for paediatric patients.


FARMAPRES provides individualized alerts per patient, taking into account their medical history and medications and treatments that have assets, providing a high level of safety in the prescription.


Success Cases


Self-Audit Project of the prescription at the Institut Català de la Salut.
PREFASEG project at the Institut Català de la Salut