Medical Image Analysis



Doctors who specialize in medical image analysis can improve efficiency if they have tools to help them in their work.
Medical image analysis requires a great deal of knowledge and experience that may not always be available.
Automating these processes allows more and better analysing, with improved efficiency. For this reason, the main challenge is to attain a security system that replicates with expert efficiency.



Automatic interpretation medical imaging systems (including X-rays, MRI, EKG, etc.) are valuable tools in supporting medical diagnosis.
The application of advanced technologies in the segmentation of images, and the use of artificial intelligence in their interpretation allow a leap of quality in terms of the results obtained.
Grupo AIA applies its knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of expert systems to build models that are able to interpret the image with the same degree of success as a professional specialist.



The greatest benefits of medical image systems analysis are:

  • Improving general medical diagnosis, particularly for the specialist.
  • Detects aspects not considered initially.
  • Assist the screening of certain diseases in primary care settings.
  • Reduces time results.


Success Cases


Grupo AIA has successfully applied medical image analysis with the development of an algorithm for automatic interpretation of electrocardiograms for detection of heart attacks by extracting knowledge from medical experts and implementing them in an  Intelligent Observation System.

“AIA, the University’s own knowledge in the hands of private enterprise. Investigation turned into excellent products for an extremely demanding and competitive environment. “(Jordi Vidal, CEO of GEMMED).