Grupo AIA provides innovative solutions based on advanced mathematical techniques for the telecommunications industry in various areas:

  • Recommendation Systems
  • Decision Making Support Systems
  • Customer Knowledge
  • Business and Strategic Support Systems
  • Estimation of competitive markets and pricing

The technological challenges in the telecommunications sector


AIA solutions for telecommunications aim to improve different business processes, creating value and helping in decision making to achieve business objectives.
They are designed to generate gains in different areas of the company, helping to increase the quality separation, which can have a positive effect on the company’s performance.
The provision of quality, superior value and updated information is one of the main concerns in decision-making. Solutions produced by AIA are designed to work in real time on huge amounts of data, allowing work on all sources of data handling, providing the best approach with the lowest possible latency times.

Contribution of Artificial Intelligence


Systems based on artificial intelligence model expert behaviours into automated systems.
The knowledge capture capability enables systems to support decision making for different automated business areas, involving the expertise to ensure successful implementation.

Grupo AIA systems allow automated decision making on the company’s entire customer base, as if an expert with the following criteria took them:

  • Speed of decision making
  • Computing not limited to human processing speed
  • Review and acceptance of decisions by an expert
  • Explanatory component of the proposed recommendation