Clever Big Data



With the rise of Web 2.0, social networking, the Internet of Things and the proliferation of distributed storage centres (Cloud) there has been an exponential increase in the volume of stored data.
The traditional problem of data collection has been replaced by the problem of mass treatment of this data.
The BigData paradigm emerges as a set of technologies for the storage and retrieval of mass unstructured data.
AIA works with methods and architectures for knowledge extraction and value creation on BigData unstructured databases, techniques based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.



The capture and storage of mass information does not provide benefits for the company. Information is the real competitive difference, the key to differentiation in increasingly competitive markets.
The volume of information available and the heterogeneity of data require intelligent treatment to build a competitive advantage for the company.
AIA offers methods and solutions that leverage the benefits of BigData paradigm to provide intelligent knowledge. Based on stored historical methods AIA has to anticipate the evolution of customers and their needs and recommend the ideal path to follow to maximize benefits for the company.



AIA enables one to create competitive advantages based on knowledge generation:

  • Anomaly detection and data cleaning of erroneous or anomalous data.
  • Development of knowledge based on data, adding context information and expert information for business.
  • Generate new business opportunities through the junction with OpenData information sources.
  • Location services to create new opportunities in Geomarketing  & Geolocation.