Client knowledge



In increasingly competitive markets, knowledge is an essential tool in generating competitive advantages for the company. Differentiation based on better coverage of the needs of our customers is key to ensuring success.
Knowing our customers, what motivates them, their needs, what portion of interest they have in our firm, how they are related to each other and therefore anticipate how they will react to our range of products and services, is a basic piece on the generation of tools of recommendation and support the actions of the company.




Grupo AIA offers different methods and advanced techniques in knowledge, based on business data extraction. This is based on Intelligent Data-mining techniques and Collaborative Filtering. By knowing the customer base of the company in detail, AIA can provide solutions in order to maximize client affinity with the products offered and thereby increase loyalty. Gaining knowledge of the customer and product and how they are related, helps maximize benefits for the company. The customer knowledge base is aimed at studying collective behaviour based on relationships between individuals or elements. This is calculated by a graph of relations between individuals and content, which extracts information about behaviour and similarity.



However, Grupo AIA goes beyond simply creating social graphs. Based on these structures, Grupo AIA comprises a set of metrics and algorithms to get information that otherwise might go unnoticed, such as:
•    Search communities
•    Degree of closeness between individuals
•    Index individuals relationship with communities
•    Classification between users as a prescribers or followers
•    Other graphic metrics for information about how the all clients is integrated.