Sentiment Analysis



Given the rise of social networks, forums and Web 2.0, the views of our customers or potential network has become a basic necessity for most businesses. Getting opinions that users supply with regard to the products of the company is vital to improve business results.



There is now a huge amount of unstructured data, which is necessary to categorize, group and extract information from, in order to exploit knowledge.

A traditional technique based on the processing of text and words is not enough. AIA has a system for automatic detection of opinions based on the processing of concepts, not words, using hierarchical concept ontologies, based on multilingual systems.


The methods overcomes AIA brings traditional techniques found in the market by providing a multi-processing language concepts, together with the use of Semantic Intelligent Observation Systems, which study the context in which the sentences or terms given to detect concepts social language.


•    Obtain information, which users make of our brand or product in an automated way.
•    Allows study the temporal evolution of the external opinion.
•    Allows comparisons studying opinions about our products compared to our competitors, and identifying areas for improvement.
•    Allows intelligent data mining, in support of decision-making by providing the key elements to improving our product portfolio.