FUTURED´s steering group renewal with the incorporation of Carles Vericat

Grupo AIA is still present in FUTURED, the Spanish power grid network platform, with the incorporation of Carles Vericat, Business Development Director in AIA, as member of this platform to replace Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA.

Last Tuesday Jan. 29th, FUTURED held its 53rd meeting to discuss the power network´s strategic guidelines and vision as well as the role of Innovation technology in a less dependent and more sustainable power transition. The Spanish Power Grid Network Platform, FUTURED was created to encourage the technological transformation of the Spanish transport and distribution power grid network. Grupo AIA, ´s contribution is 30 years´ experience and its HELMTM methodology used for power system´s modeling, analysis and simulation, the basis of  AGORA (Advanced Grid Observation Reliable Algorithms) a product which incorporates power grid analysis features in real time such as an automatic restoration module in case of disturbances and blackouts.

Grupo AIA, on behalf of Carles Vericat, will help to boost R&D on transport and distribution power grids network in Spain.  FUTURED ´s challenges address directly the sector´s interests in developing new products and services based on technology and innovation. During the meeting, were announced the retirement of the former president of the platform for the last 8 years, Blanca Losada, and the appointment of Raúl Suárez, Director of the power distributor Naturgy, UFD, as new president of FUTURED. Moreover, the incorporation of. Óscar Izquierdo, Alejandra López Gómez and Covadonga Coca were announced. Departure of Miguel Latorre Zubiri, Rafael Mínguez Matorras and Regina Llopis were also announced, whose contributions during the last years have made the Spanish power system more efficient.


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