Economia para millenials

Grupo AIA sponsored “Economy for Millennials, managing money wisely”

What do Millennials know about the economy? Grupo AIA sponsored a training seminar on “Economy for Millennials or How to manage your money wisely” for students from Universidad Ramón Llull. The seminar was organized by Jordi Mabras and Sergi Mas who explained the basic principles we should all be aware of when using economic terms.

How to manage a personal budget, differentiate a loan from a credit, what are the Banks functions and how some decisions impact on our own economy, are among some of the concepts explained in the two-hour masterclass, at the Blanquerna library of the Faculty of Communications and International Relations of the Universidad Ramón Llull de Barcelona.

About twenty students participated in this basic training which gave them more insight of the world surrounding them and notions of how traditional banks and fintech work. Particularly, mobile apps for money management and the use of customers data were the topics generating more controversy among the attendants as they did not expect companies to be interested in their personal data.

On the other hand, the basic notions about different existing bank cards: electronic purse, debit, credit, and how these affect users´ pockets were some of the ideas that raised more interaction and questions that were answered by Jordi Mabras and Sergi Mas.

But also concepts such as TAE, TIN, euríbor, investment and mortgage were discussed and evaluated by an audience eager to learn. Some of them realized the importance of knowing these terms when buying a house. Mabras reiterated the importance of knowing how much capital is available versus the expenditures to know the money that can be invested, either in real estate or in financial assets.

Banco Mediolanum, Esportia, Institut Català de Finances, Cambra d’Emprendedors i Empresaris also participated in this event. Grupo AIA, among all these organizations, considers essential fostering the economic training to the youngest.

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