Quality policy

Management acknowledges the most vital asset in AIA are its Human Resources and under the motto “Algorithms for a better world”, its mission is to provide solutions to complex industrial problems in the field of ICT by creating innovative algorithms and models applications based on physics, mathematics, and data science.

Consolidating the company policy as a benchmark in this sector, it is committed to the design, production, installation, and after-sales service of computer applications based on artificial intelligence systems, intelligent observation systems, optimization, forecasting, mathematical modeling, and simulation, for different industrial sectors, services, and Public Administrations. To achieve this, the company has adopted an integrated management system in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 standard, and those of the clients and applicable legislation, based on short, medium, and long-term policies and objectives based on known risks and opportunities.

This policy is acknowledged by the personnel of the company and is available to all interested parties. The Quality policy is based on the following perspectives:


The goal of every decision and action is generating value. A value that must be based on a specific metric to determine the increase achieved.


A real value proposition for our clients who become essential collaborators in innovation by raising their concerns along with AIA’s proactive initiatives. A value proposition supported on AIA’s market leadership, technological transfer from basic science (mathematics, physics) applied sciences (Economics, artificial intelligence), through customized and effective solutions. Its commitment to provide products and services to meet the Client’s needs as well as its legal and regulatory requirements.

Internal Processes

An efficient process structure to enable excellent customer management, customer centric in all our decisions. A value proposition based on innovation, as the core for future progress with society. Our algorithms deal with complex problems to solving important challenges facing society.

Learning and Improvement.

Continuous improvement. Provide to our creative and productive staff, our most important asset, training and collective learning focused on strategies and incentives for their promotion.

Management sets specific objectives in AIA, valued and reviewed every year, seeking the participation on business objectives by conviction.