Regina Foro Mujer y liderazgo

Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA, special guest at the “Foro Mujer y Liderazgo”

Regina Llopis, as a special guest at the forum “Mujer y Liderazgo” (Women and Leadership) organized by Banco Sabadell and ESADE, highlighted the importance of data analytics and Big Data for companies looking for a competitive advantage. She also talked about the IoT technologies that allow meeting business needs more accurately.

The president of Grupo AIA stressed the low participation of women in scientific and technological fields and gave the key to solving the gap gender. Making them believe in their potential and put away unconscious bias that stops them from taking risks or the impostor syndrome (sprung up since early childhood) that hinders their access to professional careers are some of the factors to be aware of.

Regina Llopis emphasized the need to change stereotypes and gender bias and empower girls cognitive and intellectual faculties the same as boys.

Currently, she recalled, women´s presence in scientific and technological areas is still slim. In the U.S., only 24% of women go on with professional careers in these areas against 76% of men and in Spain figures are even worse.

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