Unlike standard industry solutions, based on iterative algorithms of the Newton-Raphson type and the like, AGORA uses non-iterative mathematics to always arrive at the correct solution, unequivocally, even when the system approaches collapse.


SIOPEIA is a tool with a unified risk-oriented management environment with a very versatile global vision of the client, which allows an entity to be covered by AML and FT in an innovative way and with a low false positive rate and with the priority generation of alarms with an explanatory component on them.


HELM Flow is a simulation and analysis tool for studies of power flow in transmission and distribution networks, designed for the professional analyst / planner. It offers quick, precise and unambiguous solutions, since it is based on a new innovative and unique mathematical method to solve the power flow equations.


NeoPolar is a centralized cash management platform that provides entities with a tool that guarantees optimal cash management, taking into account all the costs involved as well as the operational restrictions of the Entity and guaranteeing service, that is, covering the flows consumption of the Office and Self-Service Network.