Reliable algorithms for grid monitoring and advanced operation.

Grupo AIA has developed an accurate grid network monitoring system in real time. AGORA is designed to support restoration plans after a blackout in half the time. It also optimizes electrical infrastructure investment thanks to more accuracy in planning and network operational risk analysis and improvement of existing SCADA/EMS systems.


What´s AGORA?

  • It´s an EMS solution for the XXIst century.
  • Management support tool for engineers and operators of changing power grid network and its operation.
  • AGORA Supports the new smart grid´s assets management. Renewables´ expansion is causing changing and unpredictable behaviors.
  • Based on a breakthrough innovation algorithm to solve the load flow equations, is the MUST HAVE TOOL for companies embracing the LATEST TECHNOLOGIES for reliable grid operation

Unlike other standard industrial solution based on Newton-Raphson´s iterative algorithms and other similar, applies non-iterative mathematics to find the right solution (analytic continuation computing up to voltage collapse).

AGORA has a U.S patent


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