Siopeia-GEB is an integrated platform for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing. Currently, due Diligence regulations on Anti-Money Laundering activities, AML for its acronyms in English– and Terrorism Financing (TF), demand bank institutions to have tools for the prevention and detection of money laundering or suspicious transactions as well as names of people on SDN lists, PRPs or bank´s own lists.

Besides these obligations, financial institutions must keep up customers audited at some extent to prevent money laundering activities.


Why SIOPEIA is a good choice?

It´s a versatile and innovative integrated management tool for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing. Provides a global view of customers and a low false positive rate. Generates self-explanatory priority alarms. It´s flexible and adaptable to customer´s needs (modular platform) easily integrated to other systems through standard connections.

Our products have a powerful Intelligent Observation System (SIO for its acronyms in Spanish) for detection which combines predefined risk scenarios with the expert´s evaluation of the monitored element and its behavior.

AML SIOPEIA GEB´s modules are:

  • GEB DMO: generates automatically the Monthly Transactions Declaration report (DMO for its acronyms in Spanish) for the Sepblac in compliance with current regulations to allow risk specialists to focus on more productive activities.
  • GEB ROS: Customers portfolio and transactions monitoring for suspicious money laundering detection and further investigation.
  • GEB COR: Correspondent bank ´s transactions monitoring for risk alarms detection of transactions requiring specific clarification and alarms and results management.
  • GEB KYC: Enables the automatic parametrization and setting of customers risk profiles assigning a suitable due diligence level.
  • GEB SDN: Powerful tool for identifying individuals on SDNs, PRPs or own lists through a matching algorithm based on Fuzzy Logic and prioritization results.
  • GEB TRS: A tool for total protection in real time and batch against undesired operations that may lead to regulator´s sanctions or damage to the bank institution´s reputation. Provides a robust solution to comply with regulations and auditing of the Fifth AML Directive.


By using fully SIOPEIA ´s integrated modules, banks risk teams can focus on other higher risk activities and leave AML and TF prevention to Grupo AIA´s robust and efficient tool and team behind it.

Technologies used in SIOPEIA.

  • Multiple sources data
  • False positive reduction
  • Use Cases management tools
  • Adjustment model recommendations
  • Automatic scenarios simulation
  • Network Analysis
  • Anomalous Detection
  • Analytics in real time
  • Risk Models
  • Machine Learning Models

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