GEB ROS is SIOPEIA´s module for customer and transactions monitoring for the detection of suspicious activities of money laundering and facilitate subsequent investigation.



  • Information capture and processing. Customers´ transactions data loading.
  • Behavioral profiling. Generation of behavioral patterns of each element under analysis.
  • Detection of suspicious activities. Analyze customers´ accounts and transactions for alerts activation of suspicious operations.
  • Alerts Investigation:
    • Actions follow-up reports, dashboards, audits.
    • Integrates the analyst’s knowledge except justifiable behaviors.
    • Automatic and manual alerts files generation of suspicious activity.
    • Broadens the unique vision customers (KYC – Know Your Client).
    • Explains implicit relationships of funds flowing. Relationships analysis.
    • Facilitates files investigation through information centralization and management workflows.


Customer-oriented filing:

  • Facilitates access to other related elements such as Link Analysis.
  • Integrates customers´ alerts and accounts as first holder.
  • Facilitates access to individualized evaluation.
  • Top-down presentation of alarm triggers.
  • Facilitates access to related files.
  • Most relevant alarm:
    • Change by intensity.
    • Accumulates the temporal vision.
    • Change by detection quality.
    • Collects the analyst’s supervised analysis.

Open files updating after each analysis, customers single file generation and file closing and exclusion.

The three modules of the system are explained below:


GEB ROS – Unusual.

Objectives:  Early detection (daily) of high-risk money laundering transactions.


  • Monitoring:
    • Significant change of collective historical behavioral patterns.
    • Significant change of individual historical behavioral patterns.
    • Predefined scenarios: Each type of operation and based on customer´s characteristics, risk situations are evaluated.
  • Management: Files updating or generation.
  • Personalized:
    • Enables better control of the analyzed transactions.
    • Configurable based on customers and transactions main risk profile.

GEB ROS – Internal Communications (claims manager).

Objectives: Channels and centralizes employees reports or internal communications (IC) within the AML SIOPEIA-GEB system. The receipt of a statement triggers automatic processes to guarantee and facilitate its revision. The claims are incorporated into the repository adding information and they benefit from all the information collected. The investigator always analyzes customers alarm files collected. The caller, who always remains anonymous, is informed of the progress of the ICs investigation.



  • Incorporates internal communications in the system by centralizing all the information that provide customers knowledge.
  • Includes the necessary provisions to keep the communicator informed of the evolution of the communication in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • ICs update or generate new customers files managed in GEB ROS. They include the origin mark per IC. It facilitates management teams´ prioritization and engagement.
  • Automatically unlocks steps to proceed with IC research. If a customer has an open AML file, the IC is included in it. If it does not have it, a current evaluation of the customer is generated according to the analysis model of the system and based on all available information, an extraordinary file is created, including the IC.


GEB ROS – Regulatory Communication – BBPD SEPBLAC

Objectives: GEB ROS component which facilitates communication to SEPBLAC of suspicious transactions detected by the entity after a special examination. Automatically prepares all the information required by the SEPBLAC.


  • Generates the operations communication special examination (OCSE) report for one period from the GEB ROS reports module.
  • The OCSEs are registered with the Access ™ format. The solution enables to consult both communication and contents.
  • The solution is generated by the SEPBLAC Special Exam BBDD automatically using the information prepared by the system and the information introduced by the analyst:
    • Most data required by the regulator is known or calculated by the system.
    • The data subject to the analyst’s interpretation is presented in editable fields so that the analyst can modify them. To facilitate the response task, the solution incorporates an emergent description associated with each field.
    • The data provided not in free text form shows a list with possible values from which the analyst can select an option.
    • Some of the editable fields are the following:
      • Decision motivation.
      • Decision adopted by the entity based on the operation examined.
      • Risk level detected by the entity associated with the special examination decision.
      • Decision adopted by the entity with respect to the business relationship with the principal intervening party in the operation.
      • Country of origin of the funds. Original territory of funds flowing sent to Spain, indication of transit territories of funds flowing are not required.

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