GEB TRS is a tool that provides total protection through transactions screening in real time and batch for hits generation and case management to avoid regulators sanctions related to money laundering and damage to the institution´s reputation. This protection ensures compliance with the regulator and meeting their anti-money laundering and anti-counter terrorist financing obligations.

Case management minimizes risk by giving the option of analyzing transactions in real time to either alert or block them and reduce effectively management costs.

It´s a robust solution in compliance with audits and the 5th AML Directive.

Key aspects:

  • GEB TRS is an extensible, scalable modular system for easy integration into the institution’s systems.
  • Web interface for files hits management and extensive context information.
  • Online processing with immediate response time (milliseconds and massive operational processing in batch mode.
  • High configuration capacity and hits detection monitoring for easy adaptation to new regulators requirements.
  • Robust analysis for false positives reduction, allows more time for analysts to focus on highest case studies.

Product definition:

Our GEB TRS solution has a modular extensible and scalable design made up of several modules specialized in specific tasks.

  • Post-Rules.
    • Post-processing decision controls.
    • They allow to make decisions based on complex conditions.
    • Adjustable alert and block levels. Different filtering configurations adapted to risk tolerance policies of each institution or line of business.
  • Audit
    • Audit priority, the activity and context information are recorded.
    • Operations, lists and configuration changes are recorded.
  • Writers
    • Output of results.
    • Adaptable to the format required by the institution.
  • GEB TAS.
    • Clear interface management designed for productivity efficiency.
    • Agile and intuitive Workflow, adaptable to multidisciplinary teams for case management centralization or distribution.
  • Readers
    • Supports different transaction formats.
    • Work with international coding, for different alphabets.
    • Interpretation of input messages
  • Pre-Rules.
    • Decision rules based on input data.
    • Blocking decisions can be made in this initial stage.
  • Catchers
    • Set of components responsible for data analysis.
    • They allow to extract information from raw data.
    • Easy and fast adaptation of detection algorithms and heuristics to specific cases not initially contemplated.

This GEB TRS design allows efficient and effective operational monitoring:

  • Transactions with origin or destination in certain territories or regions that are known to have a veto, or that require special control.
  • Detection by diffuse logic of people belonging to one of the lists of sanctioned PRPs or their own lists.
  • Control of economic transactions related to merchandise of special interest.
  • A combination of all the conditions mentioned above.
  • Extensible to new types of detection.

It also facilitates the interaction and use of the solution within the institution:

  • Allows the reconfiguration of the online system without affecting the service.
  • Fault tolerant -uses the last correct configuration loaded in the system.
  • Integration with the systems of the institution.
  • Horizontally scalable solution.

Components Algorithm.

Rules: Use of decision rules to implement sanction controls, AML or ad hoc on casuistry that the institution wants to monitor.

Fuzzy logic: Fuzzy logic algorithm, applying the distance concept of SDNCheck (own algorithm) for the evaluation of the distance function.

Models: Application of predictive statistical models to detect names in the message.

Patterns: Locates specific patterns within the message using regular expressions

Free text processing: Detection of the concepts to be monitored (sanctions, places, goods, etc.) in free text by means of an algorithm with word weighting by IDF (Inverse Document Frequency) and using the distance function SDNCheck.


Detection and decision.

Web interface, GEB TAS module, for hits management and compilation of all information related to files detections, allowing the analyst to check the hit in detail and make a decision (block or authorize).

  • Link new records with related files previously treated, to offer the analyst a complete view of the transaction to be reviewed.
  • Adjustable lock levels. Different filtering configurations to adapt to the risk tolerance of each line of business.
  • Easy and fast adaptation of detection algorithms and heuristics in specific cases not initially contemplated.
  • Feedback to deduce new rules, create predictive models, minimize errors and maximize efficiency.
  • Possibility of creating exceptions and licenses to avoid generation of hits in already treated cases.
  • Allows operation in non-blocking mode to manage hits without blocking operations.

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