HELM™-Flow is a simulation and analysis tool for transmission and distribution power systems. It provides the analyst with unique powerful capabilities thanks to the underlying algorithms based on HELM™, the Holomorphic Embedding Load-flow Method Unlike other methods, HELM™ power flow is non-iterative and always guarantees finding the most desirable operating solution (and unambiguously detects when there is no solution).

It´s a specially designed support tool for the professional analyst/planner. Offers quick, accurate and unequivocal solutions for power flow equations.


HELM™-Flow benefits


  • Very intuitive and easy to use GUI. Improved visuals allow users to identify and evaluate quickly the network model and power state.
  • The software is installed and starts running immediately.
  • It uses case import and export standard formats which makes it a perfect complement for already existing tools.

Provides new comprehension levels:

  • Computes large power Flow cases with more than 70.000 nodes.
  • Computes accurately PV / QV curves, even very close to the point of collapse.
  • Contingencies analysis totally reliable without worrying in convergence problems.
  • Sigma Plots, visual diagrams based on the HELM theory provides long distance evaluation to the voltage collapse quickly and visually.

Reliable results:

  • No more uncertainties on “convergence problem”.
  • A reliable and unique non-iterative constructive method that finds the correct operative solution. Even for unsolvable cases, in which power flow is unfeasible, HELM™-Flow delivers rich actionable information involved in a collapse, helping planners/operators to quickly understand risky scenarios and the effect of important contingencies.

Time saving:

  • New tools and layered approach for a simplified analysis.
  • Cases deconstruction and optimization in a fraction of time as compared to conventional iterative tools.

More information about HELM™-Flow available on EleQuant Inc´s website

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