NeoPolar is an centralized cash management platform targeted to bank institutions to provide ATMs and branches cash point network optimal cash flow management, including operational and restriction costs, ATMs and branches service and cash demand forecast.

It´s cost-saving by minimizing cash flow operational costs (transport and handling, financial, security and opportunity) by providing optimal transport recommendations. It cuts down costs by 20%. It´s also time saving. It reduces personnel´s time in cash flow operations, supervision, follow-up and control tasks from Central Services.

NeoPolar´s ROI associated to the integration is very high during the first year of full functioning. Savings to the entity are equivalent to implementation costs.


NeoPolar´s advantages

  • Optimal transport planning recommendation to each cash network point considering operational and restrictions costs.
  • Operational risk minimization by adjusting stock dynamically in ATMs and Branches network based on real needs.
  • Systems adapt automatically to changes in the economic environment (commercial network changes, fusions).
  • Return on the investment of NeoPolar´s integration during the first year under normal conditions.
  • Improves branches network efficiency by minimizing cash management personnel time.
  • Immediate implementation of cash management policies established by the bank.
  • ATMs and branches network demand forecasting.
  • Cash management costs average cut by 20%.


NeoPolar´s objectives.

Reducing exploitation costs.

NeoPolar recommendations:

  • Comply with bank institution policies (bank swaps restrictions, damaged banknotes to be recycled, transport limits, schedules, arrivals, etc.)
  • Extraordinary cash flow management informed by bank branches upon users request
  • Urgent transport management upon immediate cash request.
  • Damaged or deteriorated banknotes management according to due diligence regulations.
  • Comply with transport restrictions according to routes and services scheduling.
  • Guarantee service and minimizes exploitation costs.

Centralized supervision and decision-making support.

  • Cash point problems detection based on comparative analysis, global management follow-up and metrics evolution for decision making.
  • Monitoring of the whole network at different levels (regions, areas, specific cash point).
  • Dashboards for rapid decision-making monitoring and support.
  • Module for ATMs centralized management.

Branch office management assistant.

  • Daily branch office transport planning recommendation broken down by denominations.
  • ATMs daily payment and deposits forecasting.
  • Branches requests management support module.

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