Regina Llopis, president of Grupo AIA, awarded the 2015 IWEC Award

2015 IWEC´s award for the International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge has been granted to Regina Llopis, President and delegate board member of Grupo AIA.


The 2015 IWEC Award (International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge) has been granted to the president and delegate board member of Grupo AIA, Regina Llopis.


IWEC is a non-profit organization domiciled in New York with the mission to foster collaboration among businesswomen networks and promote their businesses worldwide.


This year, 25 businesswomen from 15 countries of all continents have been awarded with the IWEC awards, and Regina Llopis, founder of the AIA Group is one of them. This award is a recognition to AIA´s objective to provide real and quantifiable economic benefit to its customers through advanced analytics, whose objective is to produce a real and quantifiable economic benefit to customers through advanced computer applications based on basic science transfer (Physics and Mathematics) to the industry providing disruptive and innovative ideas.


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