Aerospace industry covers all industries specialized in manufacturing, commercializing, design and maintenance of aircrafts, spacecrafts, and rockets as well as other specific propulsion and navigation systems equipment. Aerospace activities are diverse and with multiple industrial, military and business applications.

Banking and Insurance

Grupo AIA, has a reputation and long history of more than 20 years in the banking and insurance business providing value added innovative solutions.


The energy sector comprises the totality of the activities involved in the production, transport, distribution and sales of energy products. The gas, oil, carbon, renewables and electric industries are among the variety of industries included.


Customer digitalization has created a new multichannel business vision between customers and retailers. There are new ways of interacting with customers who are getting more and more demanding and more aware of what they really want to buy.


One of the sectors that will benefit most from artificial intelligence is Healthcare. Doctors, the pharmaceutical industry and health administration take advantage of Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques for the benefit of patients.


AIA´s solutions in Telecommunication sector have targeted processes improvement in this sector providing value added and decision-making support to achieve their business objectives.