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The Aerospace industry covers the design, manufacturing, commercialization, and maintenance of aircraft, spacecraft, and rockets, as well as specific equipment for propulsion and navigation. Aerospace activities are diverse and with multiple industrial, military, and business applications.

One of the most far-reaching activities are Deep Space missions, which are engaging new players in exploring the Universe. Manned spacecraft missions beyond Mars demand algorithms and artificial intelligence to enable autonomous spacecraft that do not need constant supervision from terrestrial Command & Control Centers.

Aerospace technological challenges

The aerospace sector is facing a great technological challenge in its goal to have  manned Deep Space missions to explore Mars and beyond.

Achieving such ambitious objectives requires new technologies to enable generating, storing, and managing electric power autonomously. A key target is developing multi-purpose and transversal technologies for a wide range of space mission applications.

Keep in mind that communication between Mars and Earth experiences 3 to 24 minute delays (depending on their position along their respective orbits). Therefore it is impossible to rely on remote monitoring and control from the Earth, particularly when dealing with time-pressing problems. Here is where intelligent and autonomous systems are necessary, to–among other things–manage power systems and take autonomous decisions under both normal and critical situations.

Artificial Intelligence Contribution

Grupo AIA´s long experience in developing innovative grid management systems enables us to successfully combine artificial intelligence with physical model-based control. This capability is being developed in NASA projects that focus on algorithms for autonomous grid management. The results have applications not only in spacecraft power management, but also for autonomous micro-grids down here on Earth.

This means Grupo AIA is developing smart grid technology for manned or unmanned spacecraft in Deep Space missions to Mars and beyond. The objective is to make these power systems autonomous, self-sufficient, and capable of solving possible power failures without human intervention.

AIA´s contribution focuses on the appropriate combination of two completely different paradigms: on one hand a physical-engineering approach, based on the electric model of the system and Grupo AIA´s reliable calculation method (HELM); and on the other hand, a data-based modeling approach, which is growing increasingly powerful thanks to Machine Learning and rich sensoring, and is essential for achieving “self-awareness” in autonomous systems.

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