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The banking and insurance sectors are going through important changes. The convergence of smartphones and the Internet, or the widespread use of electronic documents are impacting on many aspects of their operations, as brick-and-mortar offices and traditional activities are losing ground to online solutions.


Customers today demand that banks and insurance firms adapt customer services to their needs, not the other way around. Customers expect immediate response to their needs, and avoiding inconvenient or time-consuming activities like having to visit a branch office, or to provide ID photocopies.

Technologies in the Financial and Insurance sectors.

If banks want to increase their customer base and avoid churn reliably, their strategic changes need to be data-driven. The transformation of banks and insurance companies involves developing innovative solutions to offer new services that will make a difference with their competitors, and here is where a data-driven culture comes into play.

Artificial Intelligence Contribution

Artificial Intelligence technology allows companies to turn their large volumes of data into actionable knowledge, thus helping decision-making and building a data-driven management culture.

We provide breakthrough solutions with high added value and expert consulting services in the following areas:

Online Banking Early Fraud Detection and electronic payments

Predictive management of receipts incidents 

Churn Prediction for Online Banking 

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