Innovation for the energy sector


The energy sector comprises the totality of the activities involved in the production, transport, distribution and sales of energy products. The gas, oil, carbon, renewables and electric industries are among the variety of industries included.

Carbon and oil pollution and raw materials shortening have made renewable energies the target to achieve in the world. On the other hand, the increasing demand of power is pushing transmission and distribution grids network to the brink of collapse.

Grupo AIA, has been developing innovative solutions for the energy sector during the last 20 years in Mexico, U.S.A and Spain focusing on the electric, gas and renewable energies.

Technological challenges in the energy industry

One of the main challenges energy companies face is decarbonizing the energy sector by 2050. This involves implementing the digital transformation, the automation and introduction of intelligence technology in distribution networks, achieving cost efficiency and satisfying customers new needs. Above all this, there is the increasing demand of power and the rise of new cyberattack risks.

Technology is an essential tool to overcome these challenges as it will enable implementing “smart grids” and interconnected systems. However, it introduces new threats too, cyberattacks.

To make a real smart network, it is necessary to develop a technology capable of analyzing large volume of data in real time and make optimal decisions also in real time. These decisions will impact on the systems ´s agents from the customer/generator to the sources of generation, passing through all the infrastructure´s network.

Artificial Intelligence Contribution

Grupo AIA has developed applications for the energy sector for more than 30 years thanks to its capacity to combine Artificial Intelligence and the physical modeling of the system. Its grids network support systems provide unique applications to the market in permanent evolution towards completely autonomous smart grid operation systems.

Artificial Intelligence plays a key role in developing “smart grids” for any environment. The smart network operation at different levels and the demand management through market prices models among others, are some of the aspects to tackle with Artificial Intelligence.

Smart grids development

Demand management through market prices modeling

Grids Network operation automation

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