Innovation in the Health sector

sector salud

The rising number of patients with chronic diseases and the growth of the population longevity in the world have demanded efficient management of resources from local administrations for sustainable high-quality healthcare services.

On the other hand, the pharmaceutical industry must cut costs and molecules´ invention and manufacturing time. Big Data technology and Artificial Intelligence methods enable health managers, medical practitioners, and the pharmaceutical industry to optimize drugs research and costs, health management and improvement in the diagnosis of diseases.

Technological changes in healthcare 

Technology plays a main role in health improvement worldwide. Both, the pharmaceutical industry and patients benefit from local administrations when they optimize resources in the more indicated areas.

Telemedicine, self-diagnosis, Real World Evidence, costs-cuts and healthcare services are only some of the areas where technology can, help.

Contribution of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence based applications have an enormous potential in the health industry. The use of Big Data Analytics such as Machine Learning or Deep Learning give solutions to tough problems offering solutions that improve health management, drugs efficacity and patient attention.

Grupo AIA contributes to the health industry by offering solutions in primary attention, hospital and health management and biopharmaceutical research through:

Electronic support to drug prescription

Prescription security alerts

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