Innovation in the Telecommunication sector

Sector telecomunicaciones

Telecom companies need to understand customers´ behavior to be able to offer them multiservice solutions to meet their needs. On the other hand, mobile connectivity for millions of people and easy access to information has favored storing and data processing increasing capacity.

Telecom industry facilitates connectivity in the whole ecosystem at the speed and quality required by customers.

The technological challenges in telecommunications sector

Strategic priorities that will lead guide the sector´s way to the future in the next three years are: the digital business and services development, customer service  improvement and costs and efficiency management improvement.

Instant messaging and social networks have pushed Telecom companies to adapt to customers demands. They have been the first to identifying customers new demands and have been able to transform it into successful business models.

Thus, quality and updated information is a key to decision-making.

Contribution to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence-based systems combined with business knowledge capacity, allow to model automated decision-making support systems for different business areas. Only involving experts in artificial intelligent systems, success can be achieved.

Grupo AIA´s systems enable decision-making in a automated and individualized way over the consumers base, as a business expert would do, with the following advantages.


Computer not limited to human´s processing speed


Experts´ check out and approval on decision-making


Decision-making speed


Explanatory component of the recommended decision

The introduction of Big Data analytics in this sector involves dealing with companies´ large volume of information. Extracting customers´ behavior patterns and forecasting their future needs, it is possible to optimize the customer experience and even define new business models.

Grupo AIA innovates in the sector creating solutions based on advanced mathematics in areas such as:

Competitive markets forecasting and Price-fixing

Decision -making support Systems

Customer knowledge

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