Customers Segmentation

Big Data analytics analyzes the data companies already have along with consumer´s voice (what they are saying in social networks, forums, blogs, etc …). This information is then used for customer segmentation or clustering for a better customer-data-driven campaigns.

Churn Prevention

Regardless of the company´s activity, profile or size, “churn” affects all companies alike, and probably these still do not know how to deal with a phenomenon undermining their profits. In telecommunications, churn rates exceed 30% in some cases. In the banking and insurance sector, it ranges from 7 to 18%; and in retail, distribution or tourism, the figures go from 5% to 15%.


Offering the right product or customer service to the right customer at the right time, is a great advantage for corporations. Advanced analytics and Big Data technologies enable price adjustments for a personalized pricing strategy.

Recommendation Systems

Machine Learning based systems analyze and process historical information of users (age, previous purchases, qualifications…) and of products (brands, models, prices, similar contents…) and transforms it into actionable knowledge.

Buying propensity

Buying propensity sistems are one of the most useful methods when it comes to providing customer or users the company’s services, products and contents. This process is carried out automatically by the collaborative filtering method based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques for products and shopping baskets’ treatment.

Online Customers Loyalty

AIA has developed methods based on Machine Learning algorithms that alow our clients to identify their online users, to khow the preferences and retain them through promotional campaings according to their needs

Risk models

Machine Learning techniques enable more effective customer risk management through more accurate and upgradeable models unlike traditional ones wich are more static and linear.


Machine Learning techniques enable the characterization and detection of anomalous behavior patterns for the prevention of cyberattacks, even in new and sophisticated forms, and protection of future vulnerabilities.

Detecting names on SDN List

One anti-money laundering and terrorist financing technique is the detection of names on special designation lists (official sanction list, PRPs and entities´ own lists), which are increasingly numerous and include more and more entries for analysis. Grupo AIA has developed its own name detection tools.

Anomaly detection in transactional data

The detection of clients and employees of financial institutions involved in money laundering and fraud activities seriously affect the institution´s reputation and results. Early and efficient detection is increasingly effective for minimizing false positives thanks to Big Data and Machine Learning algorithms.

Research & Development

Solutions We do research on the future to find applications for the present In Grupo AIA, we participate on R&D financed projects strategically aimed at going further in the development of new technologies and finding their application in different industrial sectors. This continuous innovation has allowed us to provide the best and more breakthrough solutions[...]

Projects and Services

Solutions High-impact customized projects In Grupo AIA, we undertake genuinely innovative projects for our customers to solve complex problems for which there isn´t any standard solution on the market yet. However, beyond our scientific-technical skills, our secret relies upon two main pillars: An innovative attitude, the core of our business approach. A  close relationship model[...]

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